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The Club can provide a variety of boxing programmes for schools, which offer a whole host of benefits including the promotion of physical fitness and healthy lifestyles, self-defence, enhanced confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem:

– Taster sessions, either in curriculum time or after school, introducing students to basic boxing skills which in turn involve movement, balance, co-ordination and physical fitness

– Boxing courses of 6 – 10 weeks leading to awards

– School boxing ‘club’ – providing students with a regular opportunity to learn the skills of boxing and undertake boxing training

– Special courses or sessions for small groups or individuals who will benefit from intensive boxing coaching

All sessions will be ‘Non Contact’ so there will be no competitive sparring other than the practice of basic techniques. It will include partner work which may involve some minor physical contact. Areas covered include stance, footwork and movement; the basics of punching (type, speed, power, combinations); defensive skills and fitness circuits.